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Violet Plant Spirit Medicine

Mar 23, 2024 - Mar 25, 2024

  • 3Days
  • 6Steps


Greet the spring with violets. Entranced with imagination, in the rising of light, I awaken. Violets embody the power of small things. She asks you to strengthen and expand yourself. Violets are inviting you to imagine a new way of being. You may visit violets when you have a strong awareness of the spiritual side of life but deny this within yourself. You may need to love, accept, and honour yourself. You may need to find honesty within to move forward into the world as authentically as you. Positive -Self-acceptance, truth and trust, safety, open, inner adventure, trust, sincerity Negative - Rejection, denial, mistrust of spiritual self, shyness, withdrawal I invite you to explore the wisdom stories of our natural world and how they have shaped our collective memory. By honoring the roots of our shared story and the many cultures that created them we can begin to heal the separation that exists within ourselves and our world. By understanding the true nature we can rewrite the stories that have separated us, into stories that can unite us. As a collective experiencing the Spirit Medicine of a Crocus we will weave our stories together in sharing to validate and strengthen our knowing. Welcome to our Plant Spirit Medicine Experience by an experienced herbalist and reiki practitioner. This experience is designed for all beings who: - wants to experience the healing power of plant medicine - is open to receiving energy healing transmissions - have an interest in plants - has an interest in energy healing - wants to build a community of like-minded friends Join us to experience the fundamentals of energy healing, learn about the properties of a specific plant, and discover how to harness their energy for healing purposes. Whether you're just starting your journey or have some knowledge in this area, this experience is perfect for you. With easy access through Google Teams, you can engage in interactive educational sessions, receive the healing energy t

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